Understanding the Complexities of Sexual Violence Response


Understanding the Complexities of Sexual Violence Response

Tuesday, January 23, 2018 / 2-3:30pm CT

Content: This webinar is designed to introduce multi-disciplinary participants to the work of the Sexual Violence Justice Institute and explore the complexities of sexual violence, especially for programs and communities that see a limited number of disclosures. Through investigating the fundamentals of sexual violence, participants will gain a strengthened understanding of the key differences and similarities in service provision for victims of sexual violence. Through this broadened understanding of the importance of context, offender and victimization type, and paradigms of response, participants will walk away with concrete ideas of how to apply their learning to their current work in order to provide more robust services to sexual violence victims in their communities.

Presenters: Leah Lutz, Program Manager, Sexual Violence Justice Institute and Johnanna Ganz, Collaboration Specialist/Rural Technical Assistance Project Coordinator, SVJI. Hosted by Marijka Muras, Training & Technical Assistance Specialist, BWJP


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