Community Advocacy

Community Action Teams (CA-Teams)

The GCASAFV engages Community Action Teams (CA Teams) to provide information and guidance with addressing sexual assault and family violence issues across the lifespan – such as Youth & Families and Elderly & Persons with Disabilities – as well as focusing on targeted communities – Asian-Pacific Islander communities and LGBTQ – and on emerging issues. Members of the CA Teams comprise key stakeholders and partners representing the voice of victims/survivors in our communities.

The teams are tasked with assessing services and resources and discussing strategies to support a collaborative community response to better serve victims/survivors and their families.

Community Advocate Training (CAT)

The CAT module was developed in partnership with key coalition members and partners to enhance the community’s understanding of Guam’s statutes related to sexual assault and domestic violence, victim’s rights, and available services and resources in the community. Studies note that victims and survivors often go to someone they trust to disclose their situation. The intent of CAT is to support those trusted community members with a greater understanding and awareness of the dynamics of SA and DV and resources to support those seeking assistance.

Community Advocate as Interpreter/Translator (CAIT)

The GCASAFV Community Advocate as Interpreter/Translator (CAIT) Project aims to ensure language access to services, especially for those victims/survivors with limited English proficiency, those who are deaf or those who are hard of hearing. Through the CAIT Project, GCASAFV recruits and trains those fluent in another language(s) in addition to English, with improving their skills with the various modes of interpretation, understanding the roles of interpreters/translators, and reviewing ethics and professionalism. GCASAFV’s goal is to establish a cadre of trained interpreters and translators to support community partners in the delivery of services to victim/survivors.


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