Healing Hearts Crisis Center: 24/7 hotline (671) 647-5351

Hours of Operation: : Monday – Friday 8am-5pm
*Immediate medical services are available after hours, weekends and Holidays (On-Call accessible through Guam Behavioral Health and Wellness Center Crisis Hotline)
Phone: (671) 647-5351
Website: http://gbhwc.guam.gov/services/healing-hearts-crisis-center

The Healing Hearts Crisis Center (HHCC) is Guam’s only Rape Crisis Center housed in Guam Behavioral Health and Wellness Center and incorporates a holistic approach for individuals who may have experienced sexual assault or abuse. Regardless of when the assault occurred or the age, ethnicity, gender or disability of the victim, HHCC offers a supportive, healing atmosphere with caring staff to assist them in regaining feelings of safety, control, trust, autonomy and self-esteem. Specially trained registered nurses and medical doctors perform medical examinations, which may include treatment for sexually transmitted infections, emergency contraception and collection of forensic evidence on children and adults who have experienced sexual assault. HHCC also offers crisis intervention, intake assessment, and short-term case management to coordinate services. They are also able to make referrals for counseling, legal assistance and other services as needed. On the community side, HHCC facilitates outreach and education programs for elementary, middle and high school students as well as the community at large to talk about appropriate touching, when and how to say “NO,” and personal safety. To schedule a presentation, call 647-5351 during business hours.


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