Safety Net's 10th Annual Virtual Tech Summit


Topic: Safety Net's 10th Annual Virtual Tech Summit

Hosted By: Safety Net

Date/Time: Wednesday July 20 1:00 PM-5: 15 PM EST

Description: Since 2017, our research group at Cornell University has been looking at the role of technology in intimate partner violence (IPV) contexts. We have worked with victim-survivors, support professionals and advocates to design the Clinic to End Tech Abuse (CETA), a voluntary-run service that pairs victim-survivors of tech abuse with privacy and security experts to identify and respond to threats and harms posed by the abuser. In this talk, we will share the origins of our model and show how our research can blend with practice to equip victim-survivors with the skills and knowledge to help navigate their technology concerns in a supportive and caring environment. We impart some considerations for how other professional services might adopt some of these approaches in their own work . We are grateful to have worked with many collaborators including our primary partner The Mayor's Office to End Domestic and GenderBased Violence (ENDGBV) and clinic volunteers, please see the website for Computer Security and Privacy research and the Clinic to End Tech Abuse for more information.

Location: via Zoom


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