Reimagining Our Legacy: Transforming from Criminalization to Liberation - Part 1


Hosted by: Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance

Date: October 1, 2020

Time: 3:00 am – 4:30 am ChST

Description: This 2-part webinar series is inspired by a question posed by activist Mimi Kim: “Why and how did the violence against women movement - an emancipatory social movement - choose criminalization as a dominant strategy…and how has this focus on criminalization affected survivors?”
In this time of emergence, we are called to reflect on the status quo (“the way we’ve always done things”), to reimagine new possibilities that increase thriving, and shed that which no longer serves us. This webinar series will offer an opportunity to reflect on the movement to end gender-based violence’s reliance on the criminal legal system and contemplate the consequences of choosing policing, prosecution, and imprisonment as primary solutions to ending violence. We will discuss the impact of incarceration, discuss concepts of punishment and accountability (and how they differ), and learn about new, liberatory ways to practice accountability and repair that do not require punishment and incarceration

Target Audience: Domestic Violence programs

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