Conflict De-escalation Training

Topic: Conflict De-escalation Training
Hosted By: Hollaback!
Date/Time: Thursday, February 10, 2022 at 5:00 AM ChST
Description: This training will address conflict de-escalation, which requires patience, a willingness to listen, and an inability to see the humanity in everyone, even those we don't agree with or who seek to hurt us. Using Hollaback!'s Observe-Breath-Connect methodology, we will learn how to identify potential conflict before it escalates using the "pyramid of escalation" and how to assess whether intervening is the right action. This webinar will also discuss specific biases that are increasing conflict, harassment, and violence during COVID-19 and the role of implict and explicit bias in conflict. Participants will also learn how to connect with others by validating and de-escalating their feelings -- even if you don't understand or agree with them.  

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