[ABA CDSV] Introduction to Legal Services Agreements Part 1


Topic: [ABA CDSV] Introduction to Legal Services Agreements Part 1

Hosted By: American Bar Association Fund For Justice And Education
Date/Time: Wednesday, January 25, 2023 4:00am - 5:30am ChST
Description: Almost every attorney deals with legal services agreements (also known as retainer agreements) on a daily basis. While having a written record with the terms of the attorney-client relationship can be helpful, many legal services agreements are overly complex, one-sided, and not client or victim-centered. Part 1 of this webinar series will offer an introduction on the core purpose of a legal services agreement, explain the essential parts of the agreement, and identify what terms should be reconsidered or left out. In this webinar, you will preview the ABA CDSV’s new Model Legal Services Agreement, hear about lessons learned, and receive tips for what you and your organizations can do to rethink and improve your legal services agreements.
Location: Virtual


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