Spousal Assault Risk Assessment Training

Topic: Spousal Assault Risk Assessment Training

Hosted By: IVAT

Date: 6/9/21 - 6/10/21

Time: 2:00 AM

Description: This two-day training event focuses on the Spousal Assault Risk Assessment Version 3 (SARAv3; Kropp et al., 2015), which is designed for professionals with some background training and knowledge of risk assessment, for instance you may be a user of HCR-20v3 or RSVP/SVR-20. The SARA-V3 is an evidence-based decision support tool for assessing and managing risk for intimate partner violence. The third version of the SARA, released in 2015, incorporates all the recent advances in SPJ risk assessment. The SARA has been subjected to scientific evaluation, translated into numerous languages, and used in dozens of countries. The primary aim of the workshop is to ensure that delegates feel confident when assessing clients using the SARAv3 and to develop awareness of how risk management plans can be formulated.

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