Safety Net's 10th Annual Virtual Tech Summit


Topic: Safety Net's 10th Annual Virtual Tech Summit

Hosted By: Safety Net

Date/Time: Tuseday July 19 1:00 PM-5:15 PM EST

Description: We use the term “tech safety” to encompasses the many ways that technology can impact a survivor’s experience of abuse. We include experiences of both harm and healing, as well as efforts to prevent harm or promote healing. Any aspect of a technology or technology product can be relevant to tech safety, from original design, to implementation and use, to its evolution or when it’s obsolete. Thinking about technologies in multifaceted ways is essential to effective survivor advocacy work and safety planning. To be survivor-centered and meet survivors where they are, advocates must consider the many ways technology is a part of survivor’s lives and their experiences of abuse. Technologies can be misused as a tactic of abuse and can pose significant privacy risks, but they can also be harnessed strategically to increase safety and privacy and provide more options for healing. This session will discuss the scope of tech safety work and some of the most common ways that technology can impact survivors.

Location: via Zoom


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