Safety Net's 10th Annual Virtual Tech Summit


Topic: Safety Net's 10th Annual Virtual Tech Summit

Hosted By: Safety Net

Date/Time: Thursday July 21 1:00 Pm-5:15 Pm EST

Description: The pandemic has highlighted opportunities to use technology in our work with survivors. Yet, how we use technology can directly impact survivors’ privacy and safety. In our 2021 Needs Assessment, over half of respondents said they routed hotline calls to home and about 1 in 5 responded that they had added text messaging or web chat to their hotline. For ongoing work with survivors, most people said they used voice calls and about half said they used text or video. Over a third of respondents shifted support groups to video. In this session, we’ll look at the benefits and challenges of these tools, and what lessons we should take with us into the future.

Location: via Zoom


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