Raped, Then Jailed: The Risks of Prosecution for Falsely Reporting Sexual Assault

Provided by: End Violence Against Women International
Date: Thursday, December 5, 2019
Time: 4:00 am ChST  
Sexual assault victims have often faced various sources of bias and unwarranted skepticism, based on unjustified suspicions that their report is a false allegation. This webinar focuses on the scenario where victims summon the courage to report a sexual assault, only to be disbelieved, mistreated, and later charged (often erroneously) with false reporting or associated crimes such as obstruction of justice, interfering with law enforcement, or providing false statements. The presentation will detail how these scenarios unfold, highlighting factors that distinguish an interview conducted with a victim versus a suspect in a criminal investigation. We will also explain how this can result in a false confession. We will then conclude with a discussion of how this injustice can be prevented, by following recommended practices for sexual assault investigations and victim interviews.


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