Interpreting Toxicology and Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault - Part 2


Hosted by: International Association of Forensic Nurses

Date: November 14, 2020

Time: 4:00 am – 5:30 am ChST

Description: Patients/Survivors often face a plethora of issues after a sexual assault. One issue being able to access proper healthcare and obtain a complete medical-forensic examination, that including toxicology screening and testing after a report of potential DFSA. Forensic Nurse Examiners (FNEs)/Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANEs) receive general training on the basics of toxicology testing, but often lack understanding of the physiology of intoxication, the absorption, distribution, and excretion of drugs from the body, the effects of proper education delivered to patients, and the associated costs to conduct toxicology testing. FNEs/SANEs will be able to deliver the knowledge and understanding of reasons why toxicology testing should be completed after a positive screening of their sexual assault patients. Nurses who provide care to sexual assault patients will have knowledge regarding toxicology testing and the physiology of intoxication, to be able to provide competent care based on the evidence and history of DFSA.

Target Audience: Adult Protective Services; Civil Attorneys; Community Programs; Corrections Personnel; Defense Attorneys; SA and DV Programs; Educators; Health Professionals; Law Enforcement; Prosecutors; SA Forensic Examiners; SA and DV Coalitions; Social Service Org; Substance Abuse Providers

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