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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

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25th International Virtual Summit on Violence, Abuse & Trauma Across the Lifespan: Transforming Trauma into Triumph

Hosted by: Institute on Violence, Abuse, and Trauma
Date: August 31 - September 3, 2020
25th International Virtual Summit on Violence, Abuse & Trauma Across the Lifespan: Transforming Trauma into Triumph

Description: The IVAT Summit is a unique forum for people from all disciplines and philosophies to gather for in-depth exchange of current information on all facets of violence, abuse and trauma prevention, intervention and research. 
This year, the IVAT Summit has gone virtual! This summit is one of the very few Summits that include researchers, practitioners, advocates, consumer-survivors, and front-line workers from all disciplines to share information, discuss controversial issues, and engage in difficult dialogues.  Track topics include intimate partner violence, child maltreatment/Adverse Childhood Experiences, children exposed to violence, adolescent trauma, campus assault, criminal justice issues, sexual victimization, human and labor trafficking prevention, trauma in military personnel, first responders and their families, elder abuse, substance abuse and more. 

Target audience: Advocates, Researchers, Psychologists, Social Workers, Nurses, Judges, Attorneys, Clergy, Counselors, Military, Marriage and Family Therapists, Volunteers, Physicians, Policy Makers, Educators, Law Enforcement, Probation and Parole Officers, Psychiatrists, Shelter and Crisis Center Workers, Consumers and Others.
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Building Strong Organizational Collaborations

Hosted by: National LGBTQ Institute on IPV
Date: September 2, 2020
Time: 5:00 am – 6:30 am ChST

Building Strong Organizational Collaborations

Description: Join the National LGBTQ Institute on IPV for the “Building Strong Organizational Collaborations” webinar. This webinar will lead an exploration of collaborations among mainstream, culturally specific and LGBTQ specific anti-violence organization. Questions that will be posted include “What makes for a productive collaboration?” “How can mainstream organizations support the work of community-specific organization while avoiding pitfalls of co-optation?” and “What are opportunities to plug in? 

Target audience: LGBTQ allies and organizations, SA and DV programs
Beyond Protection Orders: Enhancing the Safety of Stalking Victims

Hosted by: Conference on Crimes Against Women
Date: September 2, 2020
Time: 5:00 am – 6:15 am ChST

Beyond Protection Orders: Enhancing the Safety of Stalking Victims

Description: The criminal justice system often overlooks the specific needs and concerns of stalking victims. Identifying and intervening in stalking cases early can enhance safety, reduce violence, and sometimes even prevent homicide. This webinar will identify risk factors associated with stalking crimes and focus on enhancing victim safety, emphasizing community collaboration, ongoing stalking-specific risk assessment, and meaningful safety strategies. 

Target audience: Investigators, Law Enforcement, Prosecution 

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