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Friday, December 13, 2019

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Core Values and Strategies to Align Them within Domestic & Sexual Violence Organizations
Provided by: Futures Without Violence
Date: December 13, 2019
Time: 3:00 am – 4:30 am ChST
This webinar will focus on employing the core concepts that apply to all in-person adult learning environments through the lens of language access. Participants will learn from experts at the Asian Pacific Institute on Gender Based Violence and Futures Without Violence on the best strategies to foster full engagement and leadership of Limited English Proficient (LEP) stakeholders and individuals impacted by domestic violence/sexual assault (dv/sa) in grantees' events, education and training programs.
Safety Planning with Sexual Assault Survivors
Provided by: Victim Rights Law Center
Date: December 13, 2019
Time: 5:30 am – 7:00 am ChST
Whether it is a single incident or an ongoing pattern of abuse, sexual assault can undermine a victim's physical and emotional safety-effective safety plans empower victims and can help them reclaim a sense of safety and security. This 60-minute webinar will address the importance of safety planning for victims of non-intimate partner sexual assault, explore how safety planning for these survivors may be different than safety planning with domestic violence victims, and provide tips for using the VRLC's OVW-approved safety planning guides, which include population-specific guides to safety planning with LGBTQ survivors, on college campuses, and with survivors experiencing homelessness. The webinar will include a discussion of strategies for protecting victim privacy, discussing emotional safety, and providing survivor-centered safety planning.
Following this webinar, we will immediately host a Share and Learn session for participants who wish to deepen our conversation with case-specific strategies and tips on safety planning with survivors of sexual assault.
*Intended for OVW-funded attorneys, advocates, and other victim service providers


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