Board Members:

  • Chair : Reverend Father Mike Crisostomo
  • Vice-Chair : Diana Nucum
  • Secretary : Vanessa Estella
  • Treasurer : Reverend Mr. R. Larry Claros


  • Legal Community/Direct Service Provider: Latisha Taitague
  • Indirect Service Provider: Juanita Blaz
  • Survivor Representative: Karen Carpenter
  • Faith-Based Organization: Sally McCarley
  • Representative of Historically Under-Served Populations of SA & DV:  Bernadita Grajek

Organizational Members:

  • Archdiocese of Agana, Office of Family and Youth Ministry
    Official Representative: Rev. Mr. R. Larry Claros
  • Association of Individual, Marriage and Family Therapists (AIMFT)
    Official Representative: Melissa Chargualaf
  • Ayuda Foundation/Island Girl Power
    Official Representative: Juanita Blaz
  • Big Brothers Big Sister of Guam
    Official Representative: Vanessa Estella
  • Catholic Social Service / Alee Shelter
    Official Representative: Sr. Brigid Perez
  • Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse [Healing Hearts Crisis Center (HHCC)]
    Official Representative: Maresa Aguon
  • Erica’s House
    Official Representative: Diana Nucum
  • Guam Legal Services Corporation-Disability Law Center (GLSC-DLC)
    Official Representative: Harold Parker
  • Guam Sexual Assault and Abuse Resource Center Association (Guam SAARCA)
    Official Representative: Dr. Ellen Bez
  • Guma' Mami, Inc.
    Official Representative: Bernadita Grajek
  • Immaculate Heart of Mary
    Official Representative: Rev. Father Michael Crisostomo
  • Inafa’ Maolek Conciliation
    Official Representative: Christina Balajadia-Noket
  • Oasis Empowerment Center
    Official Representative: Sarah McCarley
  • Sanctuary Incorporated
    Official Representative: Mildred Lujan
  • Victim Advocates Reaching Out (VARO)
    Official Representative: Latisha Taitague
  • WestCare Pacific Islands
    Official Representative: Sarah Thomas Nededog

Government Allies:

  • Andersen AFB Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office
  • Department of Integrated Services for Individuals with Disabilities (DISID)
  • Department of Public Health and Social Services, Bureau of Social Services Administration (BOSSA)
  • Department of Public Health and Social Services Division of Senior Citizens Adult Protective Services (DSC/APS)
  • Department of Public Health and Social Services, Bureau of Community Health Services, Sexual Violence Prevention and Education Program (SVPEP)
  • Department of Mental Health & Substance Abuse, Healing Hearts Crisis Center
  • Guam Department of Education
  • Guam National Guard Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program
  • Guam Police Department
  • Judiciary of Guam Marshals Division Family Violence/Child Support Section
  • Navy Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program (SAPR)
  • Office of the Attorney General of Guam Prosecution Division
  • University of Guam, Violence Against Women Prevention Program



Other Community Partners:

  • Community Services & Resources (CSR)
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