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Promoting Employment Opportunities for Survivors of Human Trafficking

For many survivors of trafficking, employment opportunities and income insecurity are the immediate and primary concerns upon exiting a trafficking situation. While employment is key to the long-term well-being of trafficking survivors, survivors regularly face challenges in accessing high-quality jobs and careers. While there are opportunities that survivors of trafficking victims can pursue to gain the information, skills, and connections needed to secure safe and sustainable employment, these workforce development programs often lack the training and practices to effectively support survivors of trafficking with complex barriers.
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From the Safe Sport Law to Your Organizational Policies: Preventing Sexual Abuse in Adaptive Sports

Most organizational leaders are concerned about preventing sexual abuse in their programs, yet at times it can be hard to know where to begin. This web conference will provide a practical overview of how to develop and implement an organizational prevention plan, which includes policies, staff training, and creating a strong organizational culture.
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