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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

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Examining Safety Planning to Increase Survivor Wellbeing
Examining Safety Planning to Increase Survivor Wellbeing
People who have experienced domestic and sexual violence, like all of us, are more than their problems and crises. And like all of us, are hard-wired to increase their access to not just safety, but also stability, social connectedness, mastery and meaningful access to relevant resources - the universal needs and experiences essential to health and hope (The Five Domains of Wellbeing). This webinar will explore the intersection of safety and wellbeing and how existing safety plans can be assessed and improved upon to support survivors in accessing long-term wellbeing.
The webinar will include a brief overview of The Five Domains of Wellbeing framework and approach, including the concept of tradeoffs; and detailed review of a process by which organizations and programs can analyze their current safety planning tools through the lens of wellbeing

Survivor Reentry Project Webinar Series ~ Vacatur & Immigration (part 3 of 4)
Provided by: ABA Commission on Domestic & Sexual Violence
Community Engagement Makes the Difference
Community Engagement Makes the Difference
Want to reach out to LGBTQ people? Want to demonstrate your organization's love for LGBTQ community? Want to become a trusted resource for LGBTQ survivors? Community Engagement Makes the Difference! Whether your program is a general DV agency or works in a specific community, whether you serve mostly LGBTQ survivors or just a few, turn intention into action by getting out of the office and into the neighborhood. Get ready for Pride month with this Community Engagement "Why & How" Primer!