The ABCs of BAC: Toxicology for Prosecutors and Investigators

Provided by: Aequitas

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Date and Time: Friday, August 3, 2018 / 3:00 am – 4:00 am ChST

Alcohol’s unique toxicological effects, widespread use, and ease of access render it the ideal substance to facilitate sexual assault. The same factors that make alcohol such a perfect weapon also present unique challenges for investigators, prosecutors, and other allied professionals in alcohol-facilitated sexual assault (AFSA) cases. An understanding of basic toxicology principles is critical for investigators and prosecutors handling these challenging cases from investigation through sentencing to be able to hold offenders accountable for their criminal behavior.  

This presentation will explain the toxicology of alcohol, as well as drugs, in lay terms that will help participants understand how they affect the body. Topics will include alcohol metabolism, the disproportionate effect of alcohol on women and men, the mechanism of intoxication, an explanation of blackouts vs. pass outs, and other common toxicological issues. It will also explore common issues and challenges related to the investigation and prosecution of sexual assault cases where alcohol is present. Click here to register.

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